I started my professional writing career in the the New Pulp world through Airship 27 Productions. Here are all my titles available thus far.

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detectiv

"The Betrayal" ​ If ever there was a challenge, it would be to write a story about the most iconic literary character of all time. Popular since his inception, would I have anything new to say about the legendary hero? I hope you feel that I do! I enjoyed researching aspects of John Watson's background, and learning about Victorian life in general.

Quartermain The New Adventures Vol 2

"Call of the Hunter" ​ I looked forward to writing this story, though it was a bit intimidating to add to the world of Allan Quatermain. Seeing that he was the inspiration for Indiana Jones, I thought it would be great fun to write using the escapes, death-traps, and ancient mysticism of an old-fashioned adventure story. Also, I found the history of colonial Africa interesting, and enjoyed weaving fact into fiction. I hope you enjoy the story (and learn something too)!

Rick Lai's Major Sabbath

"City of Enemies" ​ I always liked Lee Van Cleef as an actor. He always seemed cool and cunning, and when I found out that Airship 27 was going to do a Spaghetti Western volume... I hesitated before I signed up! Truth be told, I felt that I was better suited for sci-fi and superheroes, but I did not wish to be pigeon-holed creatively, so I decided to challenge myself.

Purple Scar Vol. 2

"Trial by Fire" ​ This story was my second venture into the world of pulp heroes, so I was careful not to repeat myself. I found the Purple Scar to be intriguing, particularly the idea of a hero using fear for the cause of justice (a method of problem solving normally reserved for villains). Therefore, I decided to create a villain that would not fear the Purple Scar, so our hero would have to use every trick at his disposal to defeat him.

Black Bat Mysteries Vol. 3

"The Dark Magician" ​ This one has the dubious honor of being the first pulp story I wrote! I think that the Black Bat is a fantastic character (a hybrid of Daredevil and Batman), so it was exciting to write. Essentially this one was my audition piece, so I threw in as much action, suspense, and thrills as I could muster.

Towers of Metropolis

"The Man From Air Tower 12" ​ Of all my stories, this happens to be my favorite. Based on the Fritz Lang film classic, I liked being able to explore the world from a perspective that his film did not explore (not that it needed to, this was only what I was interested in). I happened to like writing for the hero, a cranky air traffic controller. This was the second story I wrote, and I felt that if I was going to be viable as a writer, I needed to expand my creative horizons.

Ghost Boy Vol 2.

"Monster from a Nightmare World" ​ My first published story (though interestingly, the third one I wrote)! Not only that, but the editor liked my tale so much that he decided to make it the cover! I was beyond thrilled and honored. This book reflects much of what I love, giant monsters, robots, spies...


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